work/home and NetBeans projects

Been considering the best way to stay mobile with work projects as I do some of my work during the commute.

Putting everything into version control seems great but it’s a pain to put the project in version control as there directories like  build and dist  that I don’t want to continually tell netbeans to ignore (supposed to be able to do this once and make it stick but it’s been flaky in practice). 

Perhaps simpler is to keep the projects on a thumb drive. Only issue is I have to remember to take it home with me.


package org.jdesktop.application does not exist

Created a Swing application with the NetBeans gui editor. Worked fine initially. Some time later the message “package org.jdesktop.application does not exist” showed up and I couldn’t fix it.

Solution found here:

Basically, deleting the cache directory fixed things up.  

Mac: ~/.netbeans/6.5/var/cache

Windows: C:\Documents and Settings\your_user_name\.netbeans/6.5/var/cache

Mac Leopard + Crontab

I’m not familiar with vi so rather than struggle with it via crontab -e I used Cronnix to edit my tab. Simple enough.


my cron tasks weren’t running on leopard and I found a better, more flexible, solution:

“Lingon is a graphical user interface for creating an editing launchd configuration files for Mac OS X Leopard 10.5. You can use launchd on a Mac to launch scripts and applications whenever something special happens or at a specific time or periodically.”